Looking at people with rose colored glasses

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Are happy people more prone to paying attention to positive images? Or is it focusing on positive images that reinforces that sense of happiness? For that matter, is there some unknown third factor that could be affecting both? This can also lead to more long-term emotional problems for people who consistently focus on the negative or even the positive in the case of people suffering from mania. Research into attention biases and emotion can also be important in developing better forms of psychotherapy for depression.

By training people to change their attention bias to focus on positive stimuli around them, depressed people can learn to control their mood and improve their satisfaction with life.. While it isn't always possible to ignore the uglier side of life, focusing on the positive things around us can be a vital part of staying happy and overcoming the inevitable dark moods that we all experience. Looking at the world through "rose-coloured glasses" can have important benefits for all of us. How can the researchers be sure that what they think of as a "positive" image is positive to any given research subject?

For example, I hate chocolate cake, so if the "high calorie treat" images they showed included that, I would not consider it a positive image for me.

John Conlee - Rose Colored Glasses

Also, I think they should re-think the "intensity" part of the equation. I prefer a quiet feeling of peaceful happiness to intense joy. They're both good, but the latter can overstimulate me pretty quickly, so I strive to calm it down so that it can last.

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Are happy people more likely to see the positive things in life?

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Learn how your comment data is processed. April 3, Lindsay Marshall Lindsay's life goal is to see a concert in every…. Author Recent Posts. Lindsay Marshall. Lindsay's life goal is to see a concert in every state, and somehow she's already halfway there. Her hobbies include reciting all the lines along with The Little Rascals, spending way too much money on food, and pretending she belongs in places she definitely does not. If I'm wearing rose-colored glasses, I'm incapable of admitting that I'm depressed or that I see a depression coming.

This means that I'm not to use coping skills to deal with a depression that doesn't exist. And I'm not going to take steps to avert a depression that I don't see coming either. People with rose-colored glasses are just "sure" that won't happen.


rose-colored glasses

But the problem is, with mental illness, it will happen for many. You can look on the bright side until you burn out your retinas, it doesn't stop problems from occurring and it doesn't stop an illness either.

Rose-colored glasses can't shrink tumors, can't avert traffic accidents and can't fix mental illness, either. Rose-colored glasses get in the way of you dealing with reality.

Through Rose-Colored Glasses

And reality is a critical thing to deal with for everyone. If, for example, your friend is addicted to methamphetamines and every time you see him, he steals from you, chances are, the next time he's going to steal from you again and he's not going to get better until he enters treatment. If you don't deal with this reality, you're just going to get stolen from and hurt over and over again.

It's the same with having a mental illness and rose-colored glasses. If I can't deal with all the crap of mental illness, then I can't make any of it better. You can't defeat or even wound an enemy that you insist isn't there.

Rose-colored glasses Idiom Definition – Grammarist

And believe me, mental illnesses like bipolar disorder are, indeed, the enemy of many. So don't be scared of reality. Take off your rose-colored glasses.