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Copy certificates for births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships - South Lanarkshire Council

The full birth certificate contains all the recorded details provided at the time of registration in the entry of the birth register. The short birth certificate only gives the child's full name, sex, date and place of birth Scotland. It does not give the name and particulars of the mother or father, a short birth certificate is issued free of charge when a birth is first registered.

If you are using the birth certificate to get a British Passport, regardless of where you reside, you can use the birth certificate without any legalisation process. We always recommend checking with whoever you are presenting the certificate to, to identify if the apostille stamp is needed. The Apostille Certificate is normally requested by foreign authorities and organisations so that the certificate can be used for official purposes outside of the UK. This means that the documents have to be legalised correctly before you travel and often within a specific time period.

Cost for certificates

Legalisation is usually required by foreign authorities before they will allow a UK certificate to be used for official purposes in their country. Apostille Certificates issued in the UK will be accepted but for the following countries they would require further legalisation. The minimum information we will require for a birth record in Scotland is: Did the event take place in Scotland? We can carry out searches of birth records in the Scotland area for details of births usually for copy birth certificates. Copy birth certificates can only be obtained via the online order form, the certificate would contain the birth details first registered.

Registers of births, marriages and deaths Copies of birth certificates Copies of marriage certificates Copies of death certificates Copies of divorce certificates Apostille Certificate Service Family History certificates.

How to Order a Certificate (Also Known as an Official Extract)

UK Official Records prices contact us track your order terms and conditions site map. Apostille Legalisation Legalisation Apostille is the official confirmation that a signature, seal or stamp on a UK public document is genuine. Certificate Services Birth Certificates , Marriage Certificates and Death Certificates are full length copies and can be used for official purposes. Secure Shopping. The Registrar will help you to do this but only if there is evidence that the father is the father, for example, a signed declaration by the mother.

From 4 May , an unmarried father who jointly re-registers the birth of his child with the child's mother, in order to add his name to the certificate, will automatically acquire full parental responsibilities and rights. The father's name cannot be removed from a child's birth entry if he is the biological father of the child. A father's name can only be removed from a child's birth entry if it has been established in court that he is not the biological father of the child.

This will mean that the partner gains full parental responsibilities and rights towards the child. If a mistake has been made on the original birth certificate, the parent s can apply to have it corrected by contacting the Registrar General.

Order a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership certificate

The Registrar General will need evidence that a mistake has been made, and proof of the corrected information. It is an offence to give false information when registering a birth. However, the Registrar General would not necessarily take action against someone who made a genuine mistake when registering a birth. A birth that has not been registered, within 3 months of its occurrence, requires the written authority of the Registrar General before it can be registered.

The Registrar General will investigate the matter. If a birth certificate is needed urgently, for example, to apply for a passport or as proof for a claim for a social security benefit it may be possible to use other sources of evidence, for example, a school record or a baptismal certificate to speed up the process. If you are a transgender person and have obtained legal recognition of your acquired gender, and your birth was registered in the UK, then you will be able to obtain a new birth certificate. The new birth certificate will be the same as the original birth certificate apart from the fact that it will show a different gender, and usually, a different name.

It will not disclose that you have changed gender.

You will still be able to obtain copies of your original birth certificate. There's more information about gender recognition on the National Records of Scotland website. There are fees for copies of certificates and for searching the registers. A full list of fees can be obtained from the National Records of Scotland. UK for details about how to get a copy of the certificate.

If you were born abroad, the birth may also have been registered in the UK. If so, a copy of the certificate can be obtained in the usual way — see above. If the birth has not been registered in the UK, you may be able to get a copy of the birth certificate from the country where you were born. This can be done by contacting the relevant embassy in the UK. Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer.

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Birth certificates This advice applies to Scotland Print. Where to register a birth A birth can be registered with the Registrar of Births and Deaths anywhere in Scotland. Who can register a birth Opposite sex partners If the natural parents of the child are married, either the mother or the father can provide the information to the Registrar who will register the birth.

If the natural parents are not married:- the mother can provide the information to the Registrar even when she is under 16, or the father can provide the information but only if he has the agreement of the mother. She must give this agreement by signing a declaration Form DPM and the father must sign a declaration Form From 4 May , if an unmarried father jointly registers the birth of his child with the child's mother he will automatically acquire parental responsibilities and rights towards the child. Provision of information - all partners If neither the natural mother nor the natural father or, in the case of a same-sex female couple from 1 September , the natural mother or her partner, can provide information to the Registrar, any of the following people can provide the information:- someone living in the house where the child was born any person present at the birth a relative of either parent who has knowledge of the birth any person responsible for the child.