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  1. A look at the 40 inmates who have died at Santa Rita Jail in the last five years
  2. Hidden guns, bodyguards and a DA raid on the Santa Clara County sheriff
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He had a yoga book in his cell. Housing Unit 9, Cell F He had a cell mate. He was divorced and had no children. He had a father. Online records show he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Housing Unit 9. There was blood stains on the concrete table, the wall and the floor. The report does not state who killed him. News reports stated his year-old cell mate was charged with his death and spoke Farsi. He was divorced and had a child. Other family lives overseas. Name: Barry Heisner Jr. Fremont police arrested him on charges of attacking a year-old woman while robbing her after she came out of a casino. Online records show he was charged with attempted murder, use of a deadly weapon and second-degree burglary.

He left a suicide note and numbers of people to call. He had an ex-wife, a child and parents. The most recent was in violation of her community supervision. She had also been charged in with possession of a firearm, possession of a controlled substance and grand theft. Cardiac arrest. Acute methamphetamine intoxication. Outpatient Housing Unit. Cell 5 by herself. Drug issues: She had methamphetamine and amphetamine in her system. Restraints: No Narrative: She was talking to a doctor when she collapsed and died.

She took her morning medication. Her medical file was included in her case file. Hypoxic encephalopathy, organ failure, cardiac arrest, acute pulmonary embolism. There was no possibility that he could have been assaulted by another inmate. He also had mental issues and other medical issues, which were redacted. Doctors said his condition was deteriorating and he needed to go back there. Drug issues: None listed Restraints: Yes.

A doctor noted that a blood clot could move from the legs into the lungs, which could cause coughing. Narrative: Five days before his death, he was lethargic and had trouble breathing. He had refused medication for two days. A doctor at noted he needed a higher level of care.

A look at the 40 inmates who have died at Santa Rita Jail in the last five years

The doctor then noticed how weak and dehydrated Aguilar was and decided that he needed to go to Highland Hospital on April 24, and then following that, he should be transferred to John George Psychiatric facility. Aguilar died five days after arriving at the hospital. Housing Unit 9, Cell C Maximum security. The Chronicle first identified the suspect as James Hunter, Hunter had been booked on suspicion of vandalism at UC Berkeley.

The homicide was not publicly revealed until the Chronicle published a story on Aug. Single occupancy cell in Housing Unit This is protective custody area, which can hold two inmates together. Gomez was housed with someone else but he was moved from Cell 23 to Cell 22, where he was alone. On Oct. Restraints: None listed Narrative: On Oct. An inmate came over to say that Gomez was hanging in his cell just before 9 p. He had hung himself from his bed sheets. There was a picture of a scythe and phrases in Spanish referring to death on his bunk.

He was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead three days later.

Hidden guns, bodyguards and a DA raid on the Santa Clara County sheriff

His mother lives in a little village and only spoke Spanish. A deputy who spoke Spanish called to tell her the news. Gomez had last been in court on Oct. A future date was set for Nov.

Traci Gonzalez said her son, Mark Leventure, hated to be cooped up. When he was of prison, his mom said he would often sleep outside. He violated his parole. He had originally carjacked and assaulted an year-old man in Hayward in His physical health appeared to be OK. He had an abscess on his right arm. He seemed agitated by this. In an interview with KTVU, his mother, Traci Gonzales, said he was bipolar and was severely emotionally disturbed from his brother getting killed by car.

Gonzales said her son was also bipolar. Some of his challenges were described in his obituary. Drug issues: He had methadone, methamphetamine and amphetamine in his system.

InterLinc: Police/Sheriff: Current Warrant List

His mother said he was taking medication for being bipolar. Restraints: No Narrative: He was first arrested at age 22, his mother said, and he spent 10 years in prison. He got five years for felony carjacking and five years for elder abuse, his mother said. Gonzalez said her son hated to be cooped up. When he was out of prison, his mom said he would often sleep outside. His mother said she was asking about getting her son into a drug treatment program.

She said she called probation officers repeatedly about this. She said he had already served his jail sentence in September after he had been caught sleeping in a stolen car, violating his parole. KTVU was not able to verify this claim. He was manic.

Sanctuary Policy Facing Pushback In Santa Clara County

She is questioning why he would have methadone in his system, a medication used to treat drug addiction. She said her son did not use heroin, which is often what methadone is used for. I want to believe Jesus was there with him. CPR did not work to revive him. One inmate said he never heard Laventure making noise from his cell and never caused any issues while out for recreational time.

He was described by a deputy has having a calm demeanor. Gemmell requested a press hold on this case. Nearly four months later, on Feb. Edwin Villalta was being "punished" for his mental health issues, and deputies thought he was "hostile," when he really needed help, his sister Jennifer said. Police said Villalta tried to take a gun from one of the officers and steal a nearby car after he was involved in a car crash.

He was facing charges of obstruction and resisting arrest. Autopsy shows he had congested lung, liver, spleen and kidneys. He had a medical armband for some kind of issue. He sustained facial injuries while being restrained.

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Narrative: About a. At a. It appears he had left some sort of suicide note, which was redacted. He had no physical contact with other inmates. Her father had just visited her brother in jail and her mother was poised to visit him on the day she died. Instead, her mother's visit was "canceled," and she ended up finding out her son was dead.

Jennifer said her brother's phone card wasn't working and he wasn't getting the medication he needed. She said that he was being "punished" for his mental health issues, and deputies thought he was "hostile," when he really needed help. Deputies are supposed to perform a security check on every inmate in the unit at least once every 30 minutes.

Rick Sprain Collection

There was a press hold on his death, which was lifted on Dec. Villalta was not on intensive observation log, a jail protocol for people demonstrating behavioral problems or who could be suicidal, according to a federal lawsuit. However, an autopsy provided by the family shows he was having medical problems in a cell and suffered a heart attack on the sheriff's bus.

Results of this investigation have not been made public.