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You can choose wallpapers and images from your gallery or tap into Muzei's exhaustive gallery of artwork. Each piece of artwork also comes with a bit of a history lesson. Muzei also supports Android Wear. The app is entirely free, open source, and other developers integrate Muzei into their apps. It's that good.

Best wallpaper apps for Android or iOS

Reddit is one of the surprisingly good wallpaper apps. There are subreddits with tons of decent wallpaper choices in multiple resolutions. The site also features a search for quicker, easier results. Most Reddit users put the images on Imgur. That makes Imgur a decent app for wallpapers as well. It might take a bit to find the good stuff. However, there is a lot of great stuff here. Additionally, basic Reddit accounts are free. You can get additional features with Reddit Gold. Resplash is one of the newer wallpaper apps.

It's a great source of photography wallpapers. The app boasts over , wallpapers with new wallpapers every day or so they say.

Download Free Android Wallpapers

The UI is decent and simple to use. The photographs are more than high enough resolution for any phone screen. It even comes with some light customization features like a dark mode and various layout options.

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There are some parts that could be better, but it's a very positive experience overall. It's also great for photography buffs. Tapet is one of the more unique wallpaper apps. It doesn't come with a selection to choose from. Instead, you choose the design and colors.

The app makes the wallpaper from your choices. This is a great way to get some good, minimal wallpapers in the colors that you want. Additionally, it comes with Muzei support, a download function, and more. The app uses your device's screen resolution for its quality settings. It helps take out the guess work. In any case, this one is really good. We're at the halfway mark! That means it's time for some more shameless self promotion! Wallpapers by Google Price: Free. Wallpapers by Google is a decent app for wallpapers. It has a small, but decent selection of wallpapers. The app has other features as well, including separate lock screen and home screen wallpapers, an auto-set function for new wallpapers every day, and more.

The app has a few bugs. Additionally, its collection isn't all that big. However, it does have some really high quality stuff. It's also completely free with no ads or in-app purchases. Walli is another newer wallpaper app comparatively.

It has a bunch of unique works from a variety of independent artists. You can find all kinds of stuff here. Some of the popular stuff includes word backgrounds, abstract stuff, fantasy themes, and people. The app includes a simple layout, categories for easy browsing, and more. It's also a good spot for artists to promote their wares. You can find a lot of really unique stuff here that you simply can't find in other places. You can also pay for stuff to support the artists.

Wallpaperscraft 4K Backgrounds Price: Free. Wallpaperscraft is one of the better 4K and UHD wallpaper apps. It has a collection of over 80, wallpapers organized in various categories.

Free Wallpapers - ZEDGE™

The app also uses your display size to auto-fit wallpapers to your screen resolution. That takes out much of the guess work on whether or not a wallpaper will look okay on your device. It does have the occasional bug, namely while scrolling and browsing. However, it's otherwise a good experience. It's also free with no in-app purchases. There is advertising, though. Walpy is another newer wallpaper app on this list. This Know Your Rights guide is the second in a series aimed at helping you understand your legal rights to free expression and privacy.

Blackberry Q Need help making the image your wallpaper? Click here. A December decision by the Supreme Court of Canada allows the police to search some information in cell phones without a warrant when making an arrest. This controversial ruling is the first to consider cell phones as part of a search relating to an arrest.

It recognizes that unlike most other objects, mobile phones require special consideration because they are stores of private information.

This guide is intended to help you understand your rights if you are asked to show your phone to the police. It is not legal advice. Generally, there are only specific circumstances in which police are authorized to conduct a search without a warrant, one of which is during an arrest. This power is intended to allow police to ensure safety and to collect evidence related to the arrest.

If you are not under arrest and an officer without a warrant asks to see information on your cell phone you may say no. Police are only allowed to access content that is related to the purpose of the search. They do not have the right to access all content on your phone without limits. For example, they may be able to search for communications that took place within a reasonable time frame related to the alleged offence and not all your phone history. Of course, due to the nature of cell phone interfaces, it is possible police could access unrelated content in the course of a lawful search.

This new ruling creates a procedure to help keep police accountable to the search regulations.