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Frequently Asked Questions About Exemptions

In addition to being exempt from federal and state income taxes, tax exemption offers other benefits:. Form a Nonprofit. Share This. By Heather Huston , Assistant Service Manager, BizFilings Some people think that just by creating a nonprofit corporation , the nonprofit is tax-exempt. What does tax-exempt status mean? Steps for obtaining tax-exempt status for your nonprofit: Incorporate.

Establish a Business Entity

Nonprofit incorporation creates your nonprofit with your chosen home state. Also, a copy of your Articles of Incorporation will be required when you apply for tax-exempt status. Apply for an EIN. Every nonprofit seeking tax-exempt status must have an Employer Identification Number regardless of whether it has employees. Provide a detailed business purpose.

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The IRS will consider this information as it reviews your application for tax-exempt status. File Form with the IRS. Most nonprofit corporations apply for tax-exempt status under Sec. To apply for c 3 tax-exempt status file Form Form is around 30 pages long without the schedules and attachments. Be sure to file the most recent version of the form — which was revised last in December The IRS estimates preparation time of over hours for completion, and IRS approval can take anywhere from a few months to around a year, depending on the number of written follow-up questions the IRS has and how quickly you provide answers.

Smaller nonprofits may be eligible to file Form EZ. This form must be filed electronically. Nonprofits seeking tax-exempt status under a section of the Internal Revenue Code other than c 3 file different forms. Pay the necessary filing fees.

When to file. Most nonprofits file this application by the end of the 27th month after incorporation. By doing so they will be recognized as tax-exempt from the date of creation.

Are All Nonprofit Organizations Tax-Exempt?

A nonprofit that files after the 27th-month deadline will be recognized as tax-exempt from the date of the application. Complete the state-level application if applicable. Many states do not have a separate tax-exempt application. The association will not qualify for exemption if voting control is held by a single individual or family, or by one or more developers, declarants, banks, investors or other similar parties.

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To apply for exemption as a homeowners' association, complete Form AP, Texas Application for Exemption — Homeowners' Associations PDF , and send it with the documentation listed on the application. Organizations that have been granted a charitable, religious or educational exemption are exempt from state hotel occupancy tax. When traveling on official business for the organization, employees should provide a properly completed hotel occupancy tax exemption certificate Form , Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate PDF to the hotel at the time of registration. The hotel may ask for a copy of your exemption letter or verification required for charitable and religious organizations , such as a printout from the Comptroller's list of exempt entities, showing the organization is exempt from state hotel tax.

Local hotel taxes are still due. No, state agencies except Texas institutions of higher education and their employees except certain state officials described above must pay state and local hotel taxes.

Is a Tax ID Number the Same As a Tax-Exempt Number?

State agencies can request a refund of state and local hotel taxes paid or reimbursed to employees. County and city agencies and their employees also must pay state and local hotel taxes, but they do not qualify for a refund. Organizations that have been granted an exemption based solely upon federal tax status are not exempt from hotel tax. Read more in Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemptions. Visit the Comptroller's Property Tax Assistance Division webpage for information about the availability of property tax exemptions for certain nonprofit organizations.

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School groups are not exempt by law; they must apply for exemption. Applications are online. PTOs, and PTAs that are not members of either the state or national organization, should complete the same application and provide a copy of the organization's governing document Certificate of Formation or Certificate of Registration.

If the governing document does not clearly establish the organization's relationship with the school and that it functions as a PTO, the Comptroller may require additional information to consider the exemption. Booster clubs and similar organizations do not qualify for exemption as educational organizations. However, if the club or school support organization is exempt from federal income tax as a c 3 or c 4 organization, it would be entitled to exemption from sales tax and, if applicable, franchise tax.

These organizations should submit Form AP, Texas Application for Exemption — Federal and All Others PDF , along with a copy of the determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service stating that the organization has qualified as a c 3 or c 4 organization. Yes, a youth athletic organization can qualify for state tax exemption, either under the youth athletic exemption or based on its status as a c 3 or c 4 organization.

Read more about youth athletic organization exemptions. Merely having a federal tax identification number or federal employer identification number FEIN does not mean that an organization is exempt from state or federal taxes. In , the Texas Legislature passed House Bill , which requires state agencies to publish a list of the three most commonly used Web browsers on their websites.

Government Resources Need Help? Start typing a search term. Go Button. What types of exemptions are available to a nonprofit organization in Texas? Are there any exemptions available for for-profit entities? How do I apply for exemption? Your application asks for a copy of the file-stamped articles of incorporation. Where do I get this document? Are c entities exempt from state taxes? If your entity is exempt under c 3 , 4 , 8 , 10 or 19 , it qualifies for exemption from sales tax and franchise tax.

If your organization is exempt under c 2 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 16 , or 25 , It qualifies for exemption from franchise tax.

Sales and Use Tax Nonprofit Organizations and Government Units - Certificate of Exempt Status

A c organization that meets the additional requirements can apply for exemption as a religious, charitable, or educational organization, which entitles the organization to exemption from the state portion of hotel tax, in addition to sales and franchise tax. Read more about c exemptions. Are churches automatically exempt from franchise, sales and hotel taxes? How can our organization apply for an exemption from federal taxes? How do I form a nonprofit corporation in Texas? Can a state tax exemption be revoked? What can an exempt organization purchase tax-free? Should an exempt organization making sales collect sales tax?

You can apply for a sales tax permit online. What are the franchise tax responsibilities of a nonprofit entity? Can an entity apply for exemption if its registration with the Secretary of State is forfeited? Can a homeowners' association qualify for exemption from franchise tax? I travel on behalf of my organization. Am I eligible for hotel tax exemption? What organizations or individuals are exempt from paying both state and local hotel occupancy taxes? The U.