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It's hard to believe, but some content management systems including a few that are quite popular still automatically generate a URL depending on either the location of the page within the website or on-page elements like the h1 or the title tag. At times, this is fine. However, there are other instances when you may wish to have greater control over your URLs—such as when your page title is especially long or in the case that you have a product which is found in multiple sections of your site.

This allows you to create keyword-focused URLs like the one this post has rather than being forced to use all words and numbers in the title—or in some cases even the date the post was published I know you've seen those before. Need inspiration? Check out the blog titles used by the SEO masters at Moz. They are always clean and concise. Another major problem with URLs in regards to content management systems is that they only generate one unique URL for any given page of content.

Additionally, you must be able to make changes to on-page elements like the h1 and title tag without changing your URL. Advice: If your content management system automatically changes the URL of your website when you change important elements on your page, avoid it at all costs since this might invite catastrophe with regards to future site updates. Search engines view these as a replacement for link text. They have an effect on the pages which they are hosted on, and they have much more effect on the pages which their links point to.

As a result, it is essential that your content management system lets you add alt attributes to your images and that you do the work of making sure all images on your site are properly tagged. Advice: Being able to customize the text of all attributes is an obligatory requirement for your content management system.

As content is the best relevancy indicator for search engines, Google places an enormous weight on unique content. Duplicating content or, a more likely example, repeating content within a website, is flagged as duplicate content and is not an SEO best practice.

Web Tech – What Is a Permalink?

At times this can happen accidentally as a page gets moved around or URLs get adjusted, or perhaps you syndicate a blog post on an industry publisher. This helps to inform search engines which page should be given credit. Not all content management systems permit HTML to include canonical tags. Advice: If many parts of a CMS are inflexible and hard coded, consider it a red flag. The SEO factors we covered here are just a few of the key SEO elements to think about when evaluating a content management system.

Since each content management system has its quirks, it is essential that you understand that the ideal CMS for one business will not necessarily be the best for you or your skill set. And if you're choosing a CMS for your team, it's critical that all of your teammates feel comfortable with it or otherwise feel like they can get comfortable with a little bit of practice.

The power behind your website

Lastly, it's important to keep in mind that even a great piece of content that generates a ton of traffic from social media may still rely on the power of search engines to be its long-term and most significant source of traffic. However, you can save thousands of dollars in expenses, advertising, marketing costs and staff time if you take a proactive approach to the development of a search friendly website. Click here to see why the Fission Web System is a great solution for those in the business of making the world a better place. What is a Content Management System?

Optimize for keywords

Why Fission? Complete Website Control. The Fission Web System gives you control of your website with powerful content management tools and custom add-ons that are built with small business in mind. Flexible Features. Built for SEO. It is fully compliant with J2EE and offers great solution for creating and managing personalized websites. InfoGlue again is a Java-based CMS that is known for its advanced, scalable and robust open-source architecture.

It is a highly flexible CMS built on JSR and comes with full multi-language support, excellent information reuse and high integration capabilities. OpenEdit CMS is a dynamic tool for managing website content with online editing capabilities. Built in open-source architecture, OpenEdit provides facilities like user manager, file manager, version control and notification tools for managing media-rich websites.

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Atleap is a multi-lingual CMS based on Java which offers amazing content delivery assistance with SEO and full text search functionalities. AtLeap, a product of Blandware, is not only a CMS but a highly robust framework for developing website and web applications. Weceem is yet another open source content management system, unlikely other CMS it is built upon well-known Java framework grails, spring and Java itself. Nuxeno is a powerful open source CMS built on Java-based architecture. It offers solutions related to document management, case management and digital asset management.

It is free from licensing free but do costs you when reach out for support and maintenance help. It has strong groups of customers including Electronic Arts, U. Xperien central is currently the only CMS that offers unique content to a visitor as per his earlier journey, so you can tailor the content to increase the conversion.

7 SEO factors to consider before choosing a content management system

It offers multi-channel content delivery across website, mobile social media channels and applications. It is built on Java and hence it is extremely scalable and agile. Atex is a web CMS that uses polopoly technology to deliver content. As per claims, it is the only industry leading CMS with built in paywall.

Seo | Blog system | High Visibility |

Atex again is one of the premium CMS that offers amazing solutions for managing websites and helps marketers deliver the right content to relevant audiences. It has rich set of clientele.

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Both Atex and Escenic are found to be highly popular in Sweden. Some of the biggest sites in Sweden use both these CMS. Best CMS list cannot be completed without including adobe experience manager. It is an all-round CMS which offers all kinds of agility and flexibility an organization may want. It helps deliver unique customer experience by delivering different content on different channels. Adobe Experience Manager was recently named a leader in web content management by Garnters magic quadrant. Earlier it was known as CQ5 but later was acquire by Adobe in Again a well known CMS and highly recommended by industry experts.

Its simple intuitive UI makes it simple to manage the content and deliver it uniformly across all channels. It recently received top score in overall content management experience according to an independent research firm - Forrester Research, Inc.