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These will form the basis of your research and will give you clues to start you on your journey of discovering the next generation of your ancestors. Plot the youngest generation of the family at the bottom of the page, allocating a box to each person, with the oldest child on the left and subsequent siblings listed to the right of the previous name.

However tempting it might be to try to prove a link to someone far in the past, always work backwards from yourself when creating your family tree, finding your parents, then their parents, and so on. If you discover information about one of your ancestors on an internet forum or online tree, always double check the facts before adding the data to your own tree.

You can search for certificates for each of these events using the free General Register Office indexes at websites such as Freereg. A birth certificate will give you the names and occupation of the parents your next generation of ancestors ; marriage certificates provide age and occupations, plus details of the father of the bride and groom another generation ; whilst death certificates give age and cause of death. The National Archives catalogue allows you to search 32 million records to find out where in the UK and online more than 2, different archives are located.

If your findings are mainly recorded electronically, use a memory stick as a safeguard should you lose access to your data. Even the most experienced family historians face research challenges.

Get to Know Your Family Tree.

Online forums can be a great source of help and encouragement, or consider leaving the query and moving to another branch of your tree, coming back to look at the problem with a fresh eye further down the line. One of the best things about tracing your ancestors is that this is a quest which you can enjoy for years to come.

We wish you the very best on your ancestral adventures and we're always here to help you along the way. We use cookies to improve your experience of this website by remembering your usage preferences, collecting statistics, and targeting relevant content. News Southampton's dark history told at new heritage experience 31 October Why can't I find the street I'm looking for? Why don't Findmypast cross reference? If an entry in the household is closed, how do we know the name to submit evidence? How does the transcription process work?

What is the significance of The National Archives reference number? Where are the records for Scotland and Northern Ireland?

Everything you need to know about Irish family history records

How do I change the name of the family tree that I have created? How do I add photos to my tree? Viewing your family tree Can I add living relatives to my tree? How do I print my tree Delete a relative in the tree How can I delete my family tree? Records How do I start? What records do you have available? How do I search the records?

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Viewing records I can't find a record I am looking for? How can I search a census by address? Is there a list of site records? Is there more information available for the Napoleonic Wars? Can I search the census using other family members Can I search newspapers by years? Can I search using parent names?

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